About VodoModo —

Your Own Video

VodoModo is currently on track to finish thousands of POI movies worldwide over the next few years. Our professional content producers focus primarily on sites that get more than 500,000 annual visitors, but we know there are many additional places we could cover.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin for example, has a rich cultural heritage. Each year, it gets about 5 million visitors, most of whom visit the casino, see a Brewers game, or go to Summerfest. But, just like most cities, it has so much more to offer—homes of the famous or infamous, historic theaters, and other unexpected locations.

If you’d like VodoModo to cover your site, we’d love to showcase its special history and culture.

Our managed crowdsourcing approach ensures you get high quality video(s) up to 5 minutes in length that can be distributed through our growing network of marketing and sales partners in addition to using it on your own site or app.

As an added benefit, when you use VodoModo to host, stream and distribute your rich POI video exclusively, we share the revenue from distribution with you.

Get in touch with us at 414-732-1297 or newvideo@vodomodo.com